Monday, September 7, 2009

Unemployment rate expected to rise to 9.7%. That's almost 10% folks.

Feeling stimulated yet?
If you read some of the liberal's blogs, they spin this figure to make it seem as if that's a good thing.
Well, I'll go out on a limb and say it's going to be over 12% by the time the election rolls around next year. Hopefully it will give some voters pause as they decide on who is going to get their vote.
But they will tell you that we have to give HopyChangy's stimulus package more time to work..
The numbers show that more and more Americans are out of work. In fact, this is the largest number of unemployed since this statistic began to be compiled in 1948.
I’m betting that the 0bama response tomorrow via Gibbs most likely is that this is better than the 10% once forecast even though its UP from the 9.5% of June----not he won't say that it's up. Unemployment is expected to continue to grow into next year and if 0bama passes more spending bills you can bet it will end up beyond that.
There was no freaking way that the Obamacrats were going to let the Labor Department announce unemployment figures at 10% or above.
The economy may still recover on its own, in spite of zippyBoy. The most insulting thing is that the media goons of Obama's Ministry of Truth expect us to believe that a RISE in unemployment, is a smaller than expected one, is somehow proof that Porkulus is working.
This like everything else under Obama is now phony a number.
Unfortunately I cannot believe these numbers are true due to the constant untruths that come from this administration.
And only under this dirt bag would 9.7% look good.
Give this Joker a little more time and Jimmy Carter shall no longer hold the title of being the most pathetic of US Presidents.