Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obama Health Plan Draws Majority Disapproval in Polls

Obama’s effort to revamp the U.S. health-care system is drawing increasing disapproval from Americans worried about higher deficits, a Quinnipiac University poll shows. The July 27-Aug. 3 poll found that 52 percent of American voters disapprove of the way Obama is handling the health-care issue and 39 percent approve. That’s a switch from the 46 percent who approved and 42 percent who disapproved in late June.

Just you wait, Piglosi, Boxer, Gibbs, Chuckie and the liberal bloggers will all claim that the Quinnipiac Poll is a right wing nut job organization.
If the poll numbers are accurate, I think they are no comfort at all. I am amazed, for instance, that so large a majority favors taxing "the rich". Others, like approving of the government being in the "insurance" business at all, are very troubling. Truthfully, it suggests to me that people don't object to socialized medicine-- they just don't like this particular bill.
If this health care bill passes, there will be an outcry against this administration that we have never seen in this country. As Rush said yesterday, the Dems can't be truthful about this bill because it would have little support. Come on Dems, if you think this is the answer to our health care problems, be proud of your work. Get out there and read it. Let the people decide. Deceit and lies are all the Dems ever offer. They know they can't be truthful about the goals of this legislation.

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  1. Hi, Ciao Baby, and thanks for coming by geeeeZ.
    As you read at my place, I believe they cna't be truthful because they know nobody'd buy their truth, either. But, mostly, I think they literally don't know what the heck is really IN the bill.
    The fact that the obama thugs are referring to honest American citizens looking at losing their private insurance (that we can keep it is a downright LIE as it'll no longer be available after a short while) as ANGRY MOBS is laughable.
    Remember, when the angry mob lefties get really angry, they need chain link fence to control them. I thought 'dissent is patriotic' as the left likes to say. I guess it's only when it's them dissenting, huh? #)*$&()*&