Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hey King Barry, it's about Location, Location, Location


the placement of the mosque/civic center. This Imam has been offered other real estate in exchange

for this particular parcel and he has refused for no good reason. The community that this mosque

is supposed to be serving lives primarily in Brooklyn. This is an attempt by a radical Islamist group

to put up a "shrine" to their biggest victory in the western hemisphere and they are using our own

Constitution to dupe our stupid politicians. They are laughing at us every step of the way.

They have every right to build a mosque but it doesn't have to be within walking distance of

Ground Zero. If they truly wanted a "healing" place of peace then they should re-locate this

center as an act of good faith. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY WANT!!! Next step is to try to

monitor the funding for this project. But you can bet that they will not reveal their sources

for that because it will not be the local or even national Muslim groups - it will be from

Saudi Arabia. And, our President has played right into their hands. This is a local issue

not a national issue but he just can't stop himself from playing King.

I agree about freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. In fact, I believe in it so much, and the Muslims and Obama are in favor of it so much, that I assume the Muslims and Obama who support this mosque wouldn't mind if ground was purchased next to the mosque, and a caricature of Muhammad was placed in the ground so all New Yorkers who lost family to Islamic terrorists could walk on it, just like the people who will be visiting that mosque will be walking over the ground where the ashes of American civilians, police, and firefighters landed on 9/11.


  1. Hi, Ciao..thanks for coming by. Did you see my post on the mosque and Greg Gutfeld's advice that they build a gay bar for gay muslims next door? Then my commenters chimed in with 'pork shops' 'liquor stores' 'pet shops' (they hate dogs), etc got pretty great. WHY NOT!?:-)

  2. What do they have against dogs Z?

  3. Happy to see you are blogging again. An issue like this "victory mosque" makes us all want to voice our displeasure. As a New Yorker, your opinion is especially important. The victims of 9/ll were not only those who died that day, but the family and friends they left behind, and on a bigger scale, the entire country. Support for a mosque so close to Ground Zero is a monumental expression of disrespect and insensitivity.